Need a New Way to Save?

Pregnant with number one… two…four?

I know the feelings. Just the thought of adding a new baby to the mix can be overwhelming and emotional alone … and then the cost!

Let’s be real here. All of the stuff you need for a baby, even after a nice baby shower, can rack up to cost a pretty penny. And from all the mom friends I have, I KNOW findings ways to save is a top priority.

I remember shopping for the nursery essentials when I was pregnant with my first daughter and feeling so discouraged that the coupons I had did not always apply to the brands I wanted to purchase – yep, those brands with the top safety- , pediatrician- and mom-ratings. The exact high-end brands & products I wanted to purchase. Ugh!

But now, there is a solution for those of you who are just like me.

How Bandalou Helps You Save

bandalou-facebookA few months ago, I was invited to try out a new and exciting website that’s helping millions of parents save on premium, upscale, baby essentials in a way you can’t find anywhere else.. Bandalou is built on the idea of buying in bulk to save money, except YOU do not personally have to buy in bulk! Think of Amazon meets Pinterest meets Costco. Brilliant.

Instead of buying a half-dozen car seats yourself (that would be ridiculous, right?), Bandalou allows you to post the car seat that you’re interested in (kind of like Pinterest), and then other moms can join in. After 3 days when the group of interested moms has had time to grow, Bandalou sends the group the savings (depending on how many people want to buy the item), which comes in the form of Bandalou Bucks.

One Bandalou Buck = one dollar. Simple.

The best part: there is no obligation to purchase the product when you post, but you can encourage more moms to join your crowd by using the comment feature when you kick off the crowdsource and telling the world why you’re interested in buying that item.

The bigger the crowd, the greater the Bandalou Bucks rewards. This is crowdsourcing at its finest!

Trending Now

Perhaps one of my favorite features is the Trending Now menu item. As a mom of young children, I am oftentimes too busy to even explore what might be out there to make my life easier or the life of my children more enriched.

If you’re a new expectant mom looking for advice, you can hop on the Trending Now page to see what other moms are crowdsourcing. Reviews are great, but here, you can see what real moms are buying at the same time. Moms in a group can also message each other, ask about products, get advice, share information…all while you shop. You can also see what products other moms in your group are buying to get an idea of what else you might need to go with that car seat!

What Else Does Bandalou Offer?

  • Bandalou’s baby registry gives the mom + baby 10% back in Bandalou Bucks on all purchases made by friends and family from registry.
  • Celebrity Pediatrician, Dr. JJ Levenstein offers her professional product reviews and advice! Customers can send in questions and comments to Dr. JJ and ask for a product review. Dr. JJ has her own show on the Hallmark channel and has so much experience!
  • Free Shipping for orders over $75, and I LOVE the NO SALES TAX if you live outside of California
  • If you live in the San Francisco Bay area, visit the Bandalou retail store in Palo Alto. You can also check out the stores’ 5-star reviews on Yelp.

Give it a Try and Let Me Know What You Think!

Want to give Bandalou a try? As a Moms of Influence reader, if you enter code MOI2016 you’ll receive an extra 10% off at checkout (some brands are required to be excluded), on TOP of the crowdsourced price and Bandalou Bucks!!

Enjoy shopping!


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