Two New Things I am SHOCKED I Have Tried this Month

Hello friends!

You know those times when nothing seems to go right? When no matter how HARD we try, it seems that life is never quite on the track we imagined or want it to be?

It’s not that life is awful, because we adore your spouses, kids, friends and family. We savor our every moment with them. But something else is not quite right.

We feel frustrated.


Sad, sometimes.

And just plain blah.

And the we need a jolt. Something new and bold.

This month I have done TWO things I never imagined I would do and both, in their own way, gave me something I have been missing.

Are you ready for this?

1. I Tried Stitch Fix!

Moms of Influence | My Stitch FixI have seen other bloggers post about Stitch Fix and friends offer their experience on Facebook, but I always thought that was just not practical for me.

Until it was!

I am a busy mom. Are you? Oh wait… that is a silly question, isn’t it?

There was one day when I was so tired of not being able to find a new shirt, that I just went for it!

Stitch Fix – the magical, wonderful, virtual stylists who collect information through an online form and send us clothes that fit us PERFECTLY and coordinate with our style better than anything we have ever been able to shop for ourselves.

Yes… that about sums up my experience. I went to, completed a form that asked about my sizes and style preferences, and received the most beautiful, perfectly fitting clothes that now occupy my wardrobe!

What’s even better? I did not spend one minute in a store. I had the option to send any or all five pieces back without ever having paid for them. And if I want, I can subscribe to have these boxes shipped to me a few times per year.

If you are like me and feel like time to shop for yourself just does not come by very often, I encourage you to give it a try!

You should know that I will get a credit on my account if you sign up through this link, and you too will get that credit if a friend or family member signs up through your link. Let’s share the joy! 

2. I Became a Coach!

I have mentioned before that I am a born encourager. It is ME to the core – through and through – I just want to encourage and equip people in pursuit of their goals.

Moms of Influence | Trying new things this month!Health and fitness are also important to me. I truly believe we are all at our best in ALL aspects of life when we are taking care of our health – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Right now, I am getting started with coaching by holding a F*R*E*E clean-eating challenge. Just the process of getting this up and going is reminding me that God created me for a plan and a purpose. Whether coaching turns into a long-term deal or not, I am reminded that I was created to encourage.

And so ENCOURAGE I will do!

There is no waiting, my friends. No waiting for the right opportunity or time to do what you dream about. Do it now. Life is too short to wait.

And the added benefit, truly, is that our kids get to witness our hearts in action. They get to see us adding value to others through the skills and passions we have been given.

It is easy to live the status quo, but not nearly as meaningful.

Would you consider joining us in this 5-day clean eating challenge? Click here to send a request to be added to the group, or reach me through the contact page.

Feeling Awesome in August

My encouragement for you will be more than just what you eat and how you exercise. My goal is to see more women and men living healthy and balanced lives so that they can give their very best to their kids and communities.

We need this. We need GOODNESS and KINDNESS to grow and influence our world. Join me?


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