Resistance and the Evolution of Moms of Influence

Resistance and the Evolution of Moms of InfluenceResistance is that force that does not comply with your plans and goals; whatever gets in the way of forward progress in our attempts to accomplish something.

It can be fear, obstacles, a closed door of opportunity that we were sure was going to be wide open, discouragement from people we respect or even the practical busyness of life.

At times, it is wise to consider whether the resistance is an indicator that it is time to “be done” with our pursuits. At other times, it is simply a test of our resolve.

For me, resistance is a reason to revise and start anew. Persist and not give up my life’s mission of helping to equip our next generation.

As I mentioned on my About Page, Moms of Influence was born out of an abundance of passion, a “can’t not do it” kind of passion. That remains true.

All I have to do is walk across the campus on which I work, spend the afternoon at the playground with my kids or turn on the news to see the incredible need we have for GREAT KIDS of positive influence who will grow into our next generation of leaders.

But my singular mission of equipping moms and dads to raise our next generation of leaders has become… limiting. While my heart is intent on growing great leaders and equipping others to do the same, I am also an encourager and “cheerleader” at heart.

And so Moms of Influence, after 6 months of existence, is about to evolve.Paralyze resistance with persistence. ~ Woody Hayes

Are you ready? Excited? Interested?

Here we go, friends. Of course I will continue to post with tips on raising our next generation of leaders. That is the primary focus of

But… BUT, I also want to be an encouragement to you! What I have found is that my greatest struggle in being the mom of influence my kids need is that I am busy, disorganized and stressed out at times, not staying committed to my health goals, behind on my ever-growing to-do list, sleep deprived… you name the challenge of parenthood, and I can totally understand!

So I want to not just help equip you to raise great leaders, but also to live a more balanced and simple life SO THAT you too can be a more effective and intentional mom (or dad) of influence.

As I come across resources that will lighten your load of parenthood, I will share them!

If I can do anything to help you streamline, simplify and otherwise live a more balanced and healthy life, I want to share that with you so that you can be freed up to be an intentional grower of great leaders.

Sound like a plan?

I would love your feedback. Please comment on this post, send me a message on the contact page or connect with me via Facebook or Twitter. Tell me what you need, whether you like the direction Moms of Influence is headed, how I might be able to lighten your load or any other feedback you would like to provide.

With this change, I will be able to write more freely, authentically and frequently. I hope you are as excited about this change as I am!

With kindness and blessings,



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