The Tiny Seeds of Dreams

Moms of Influence | The Tiny Seeds of Dreams

I remember being 5-years old, sitting at the typewriter and creating Happy Thanksgiving cards for my family. I typed “Happy Thanksgiving” with help from my mom and then taped popsicle sticks to each card in the shape of a cross.

I felt so much passion! As if this small act would change the world.

Over time, through similar experiences, I sensed the seeds of my dreams were to encourage, equip and do my part to empower others towards living well.

I have always felt like I was made for more than just existing.

And it isn’t the kind of “more” that puts me on a pedestal or draws any kind of attention to this I’ll stand in the back corner and keep to myself introvert.

No – those of you who know me personally KNOW that I have never wanted attention – far from it.

But I have dreamed. Big, wild, crazy dreams.

Dreams that can only come from a place bigger than myself because God knows my personality is not one to take risks, embrace change or be front and center. I am content to drink my coffee quietly in the corner while reading a good book.

I know I am not the only one with these inner stirrings. In fact, I remember distinctly having conversations with other young women in college who yearned to do what that were made to do and be what they were made to be in this world.

I think about dreams like seeds. We are born with them planted in our hearts, but it is up to us to nourish them with whatever it takes to grow them.

Some how in the distractions of life I wonder if our seeds have gone dormant as we busy ourselves with work, home-keeping, driving our kids to activities, scheduling play dates, reading blogs, catching up on social media and our favorite shows, reading tabloids, and doing what we are “supposed to” do as moms, wives, friends, sisters and children.grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream.  Debby Boone

Can we pause together for a moment? Can we take a few deep breaths, eliminate the distractions and remember?

Remember those inner stirrings we had as 5- or 18-year olds?

What have you dreamed about? What were you created to be or do?

It is all sorts of scary to really pay attention to those seeds we have let go dormant. When we acknowledge them, they start bugging us!

We think if we ignore them, run from them or even swat at them, they might go away.

But we were born with these seeds and nothing we do will make them go away. We can ignore them for a season, but they will pop back up.

So let’s begin today, friends – Begin acknowledging and nurturing these seeds to see what comes of them.

What ONE thing – just ONE – can you do this week to nurture your dreams?

Maybe it is just sitting in stillness to give your heart a chance to remember or acknowledge that your dreams exist.

Maybe it’s reading a book that you know resonates with that dream-filled part of your heart.

There are these remarkable women out there; those of you reading this and so many others. It breaks me to know so many of us have been distracted by life’s busy-ness or hurt that we have ignored the seeds we were given to nurture.Great Lives

Whatever you can do, let’s grow together this week. Let’s nurture the seeds of our dreams and encourage each other in the process.

It won’t be easy. As Jon Acuff said in his book, Do Over, “great lives are very rarely created in great comfort”.

But as a woman just barely nurturing her own dream, I can tell you it will be worth it. When we tap into our dreams, something inside of us comes alive.

Many blessings,




  1. What a wonderful posts – terrific message, beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing…

  2. Love this! Beautifully written and an encouraging kick in the pants. 😉 Thank you!

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