I Breathed a Simple Prayer Last Week

I breathed a simple prayer last week.

God has blessed me with this undeniable passion to share what knowledge I have about growing great leaders – to keep learning, sharing and encouraging. Despite my uncertainly about this blogging world, I set a goal in 2014 to have a blog up and running, ready to go by 2015 – a venue through which I can share what I can no longer keep to myself. Thanks to Crystal Paine and the practical advice she gave in Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, I did get this blog up and running.

But there has been a key ingredient missing.

So I breathed a simple prayer last week.

I have always been a hermit. Just ask my mother whose leg I didn’t let go of until I was too tall to hold on; or my sister who agreed to be my college roommate; or my dear and persistent friend Beth who made it her mission to drag me out of my college apartment to watch West Wing with her each week. I literally feared people (or what they thought of me) until I became an adult. And even now, I am an introvert.

So naturally, I find it comfortable and safe to live in isolation. Even as a mom and wife who feels more connected than ever before, I am still a hermit when it comes to friendship.

So I breathed a simple prayer last week.

Everything about MomsOfInfluence.com demands that I live connected with other mothers, to understand their hearts, challenges and wisdom. I know that I know that I know – I do not have all the answers. I cannot succeed at this without you.

I wanted to start this blog to share my knowledge (and I will continued to do just that!). But somehow this has become a lamp through which I am seeing my need for authentic connection with other women.

And so without words, but an utter awareness of my need,

I breathed a simple prayer last week.

Moms of Influence | PrayerAnd He answered:

  • With a friend who reminded me that we need to connect outside of work so we can actually have a real conversation.
  • With a Facebook friend who invited me to meet her out this weekend to FINALLY connect face-to-face, and a husband who is eager to give me the freedom to do just that.
  • With a friend who needed encouragement, and who was grateful to receive it.
  • With the courage to apologize to a kind woman whose blessings I missed while we lived in the same town because I was too hidden to engage in an authentic friendship with her. What a joy she was (and is), even in the presence of my sometimes cold heart.
  • With a random word of kindness from a sweet friend, sent to me through a text.
  • And let’s not forget about the time I was given to share with my sister and mom this week.
  • And my friend from North Carolina with whom I share so many similar joys and frustrations. We were finally able to connect in person, although not for long enough!

We are not alone, kind friends. God reminded me of that. He designed us to live connected with others.

What a gift we have in other women who share a similar passion to raise great kids, love well, improve our marriages and relationships, spread kindness and be an encouragement.

God is good. While I get that not everyone has the same belief system as I do, I am grateful that I get to praise a God who answered my simple prayer this week.

In the raising of great leaders, I will say and breathe simple prayers for my kids to a God who I know hears them. While He does not always answer in the way I want, He most certainly gives me what I need. May you be encouraged this week with kindness from those with whom you connect.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere!!! It’s terrifying and wonderful and challenging, right? You are certainly in good company and I look forward to hearing more from you:) blessings!

  2. Sarah, what a great post! I admire your passion and enthusiasm for great mom leaders! I loved how your post spoke so graciously about your relationships and how you have been deeply blessed by them. You are a blessing. So thankful we are getting to know each other. Stopping by from #FindStability link-up.

  3. This is fantastic! I’m right there with you. I started by blog over a year ago, but my introverted-ness has kept me from really taking it where I want it to go. I said a similar prayer recently and God showed up for me in similar ways. I’ve made some new connections online and in person in the past few weeks that have forced me out of my comfort zone but into the amazing gift of community and fellowship that we were created for. Blessings to you as you continue to grow!

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