In Search of Kids of Influence!

Kids of InfluenceI am in search of kids who are doing a great job influencing their families, schools, communities and beyond. As part of, I am featuring Kids of Influence. These young people will demonstrate leadership qualities in their everyday lives. We see stories of kids who have started their own businesses or raised thousands for a cause. Just look at our first Kid of Influence, Katie Stagliano of Katie’s Krops, or this blog post about Selah written by Lisa-Jo Baker, author of Surprised by Motherhood. These young people are doing amazing things and changing lives! Great job!

I am also interested in stories of young people whose influence is not as known, like those who help their siblings make their beds in the morning or who write encouraging notes for classmates. These Kids of Influence are examples of how this generation is influencing our world for good. I will feature them in their very own Kids of Influence blog posts!  I will also feature examples of what kids are doing so that names and pictures are anonymous, if you would like.

The point is to feature examples of the growing leaders who are working to change our world for good!

Send in Your Kids of Influence Stories!

Email your Kids of Influence stories and examples to me here.

Instead of focusing on news of young people making mistakes, I want THIS community to focus on the potential our kids have to positively influence their friends, families and communities. Let’s rally behind our children and catch them doing something well!

I look forward to hearing about YOUR Kids of Influence and the kids of influence whose stories have touched yours.

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