Kids of Influence – Katie Stagliano

Kids of Influence are young people whose influence in the world is for GOOD. Having studied Sport Psychology and understanding the power of thoughts and focus in directing our actions, I think it is important that we focus on GOOD NEWS and encourage a similar type of influence in our own children. I will feature stories of young people who are not just making the news with their acts of kindness, but those who are contributing positively to their families, neighbors. churches and communities. If you would like your own child featured or would like to let me know about a Kid of Influence whose story deserves recognition, please send me an e-mail!

In 2008, a young Katie Stagliano planted her first seed: a cabbage seedling. After this tiny seed grew into a 40 pound cabbage, she donated it to Tri County Family Ministries, a local soup kitchen. After seeing the long line of people waiting for a meal and hearing words of thanks for her help in feeding the hungry, Katie realized she could do much more than grow a cabbage. Her dream is to live in a world where there are no hungry people. Wow. A 14-year old girl has ignited a movement of people helping to make her dream come true.

You can watch Katie’s story on NBC News below, and consider helping in her cause by visiting Katie’s Krops online.

How many times have we dreamed of making a change? Of having an influence where we see a great need? How many times have we taken action on those dreams? Sadly, I have not taken action nearly enough.

Katie – this young, influential girl – is teaching me something about influence. Why wait for a solution to tackle the entirety of a huge problem? Can we take even one tiny step towards making the change we have dreamed about? Our tiny action does not have to completely SOLVE the problems we see in the world, but we can all make a dent if we choose to do so.

We all see needs in this world. What needs do you see? What can you and your family do THIS WEEK to take one step, however large or small, to meet even just one of those needs? What needs do your children see? What can you do to encourage them to help?

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