A Thank You to Dads of Influence

This is a letter to the BEST daddy in my life, but I think other moms would agree. Dads – YOU MATTER so much more than you will ever know. Be confident that your PRESENCE and INVOLVEMENT as a daddy is valuable and life-shaping for your kids. Choose your words and actions wisely, knowing that you are the super-hero to those little ones scampering around your home. They look up to you, count on you, and learn how to live from you. Will you join us to intentionally raise the next generation of leaders?013

Dear the Daddy to My Children (a.k.a, my Husband),

YOU are cherished. I do not know if I can find the words to say what a gift it is to be absent for even one night and not worry about our girls because I know they are being kindly and gently cared for by their sweet daddy. If anything, I worry that you are forgetting your own needs to ensure our girls are well-loved.

Thank you for sharing and sometimes carrying a greater load than me when it comes to the mundane tasks of keeping up our home. Your commitment to sharing in our housekeeping allows all of us to cherish our moments together even more. Gifts of time we can never get back.

Thank you for sharing in the caring and loving of our children. Our girls, at the tender ages of 2 years (almost 3!) and 10 months know that they have a kind, loving, protective daddy who adores them now and always will. You are a rock for us. A man who makes our home feel safe and warm and that is a gift.

019Thank you for being an incredible and INVOLVED role model to our girls. By the ways you love and respect me, you are teaching them how they should expect to be loved, cherished, and respected. You are teaching them to stand on their own two feet; to be able to take care of themselves, but to also be open to the love and friendship they can find in serving others. You are teaching them to work hard, but enjoy the people and fun in their lives too. You are teaching them to give, to think of others, to love well.

Thank you for bringing joy into our home every single day. Our Great God has given you a gift of being able to lift anyone out of a “funk”, to make people in the worst of moods laugh, to use good cheer to help heal broken hearts. I am grateful. In our girls, I see your joy. They will be a gift of joy to a world that can oftentimes feel dark.

Most of all, thank you for leading us. For providing a compass when life feels wobbly. For being dependable. For tenderly reassuring me when my brain wants to explode. For calming me, forgiving me, teaching me, being patient with me, trusting me. For doing what is right for our family even when it is hard, and for always, ALWAYS fighting to keep our “team” afloat. You are and will always be well-loved.

You are the AWESOME daddy in my and our girls’ lives. We love you!


The Mommy to Your Children (a.k.a. Your Wife)

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