Above All, They Need Love

I was going to save this post for 2015 when MomsOfInfluence.com officially launches, but I have such an urgency in my heart to encourage others to pray for Kara Tippetts in her fight against cancer, that I need to share this now.

Our world needs more of her influence. Kara is what I consider to be a Mom of Influence who I learn from daily. To be blessed by her, follow her blog and read her story at Mundane Faithfulness, or follow her Facebook page. Above all, please pray for Kara and her sweet family.

I adore Kara’s ability to convey her love for people through her words.  I am not sure I will ever be able to explain BIG LOVE as well as she does, but I can feel it when I read her words. Seriously, you should check out her blog.  It will cause you to grow, dig deep, and understand love more fully.

The Ingredient of Love

Faith, Hope, LoveFor our wedding, Tim and I had a cake that read “Faith, Hope, Love”, and I knew that 1 Corinthians 13 contained wisdom that would be important for our marriage.

It has always been clear that LOVE is the most important ingredient for a healthy marriage, hence its symbolic position at the foundation of our cake. In the last 35 years, this God of ours has led me on a strange, wonderful, painful and miraculous journey; one filled with love, joy, tears and the need to persevere.

I understand more fully the depth of His love for me because of the journey He has me on. I have learned to love others better as a result. And the TRUST I have gained by being loved by others has allowed me to grow into a woman with courage and confidence.

I keep coming back to the question that if God has named LOVE as the “greatest of these” for you and me, don’t we also think our children deserve that from us too? Above all else?

I am learning how vital LOVE is to the growing of great leaders. And fortunately, 1 Corinthians 13 makes in pretty clear what love looks like.

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” ~ 1 Corinthians 13:13

The Role of Love in Growing Great Leaders

You see, leadership is my thing. I can tell you just what qualities we and our families need if we are to influence our world for good. I can provide you with tips and tricks that will help ourselves and our kids grow into effective leaders, but all of that is meaningless if our children do not experience genuine, true and BIG (as Kara Tippetts would call it) love.

A love that compels us to be patient and kind, that does not bring attention to ourselves but lifts up the good in others; a love that forgives and trusts, that protects and provides; a love that will fight for each other when all hope seems lost; a love that is not angry, but sees the best in others and serves them in a way that allows them to be that “best”; a love that is rock solid. When our kids know to the depth of their core that nothing they say or do will shake our love for them, then we can focus on growing them into great leaders.

Because here’s the deal. Becoming a leader requires that we allow ourselves and our children to make mistakes. Our kids need to know that they can try something, make a mistake and still come to us for the support they need to pick up the pieces.

Notice that I did not say we would pick up the pieces for them? No, our kids know that there is no one who will support them as unconditionally as we will. Remember also that our kids emulate us. When I say “please” and “thank you”, my daughters are more likely to say “please” and “thank you”.

When we love others, our kids learn to love. And great leaders exhibit qualities required of big love… such as kindness, forgiveness, selflessness, seeing the best in others and being trustworthy. You see, LOVE is at the core… of our relationships, of great leaders, of everything.

Above all, let’s LOVE the loves of our life… not with a feeling, but with our actions. Let’s prepare our children for the tough work it takes to become great leaders.

What do you do to love your kids in a way that is unconditional, nurturing and joy-filled?

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