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I have been so blessed by other bloggers, authors and speakers. You can find some of those who have had the most impact on my life and work on the Resources page. If there is one goal I have with this blog, it is to add value to YOU, our children and their future! I want MomsOfInfluence.com to serve as a resource that lightens your load and perhaps, ignites a passion in you to also grow great leaders. I have taken a few moments here to explain the different ways that MomsOfInfluence.com might be of value to you or those you know. As I add new posts each week, the topics will fit in to the following categories:

Growing Great Leaders

Growing Great Leaders posts will form the meat of this website. This is where I will share with you what I am learning about raising kids with great leadership qualities. I will share stories, recent research findings about how our culture is influencing the next generation, and what we can do to encourage great leadership qualities in our kids. Look for new content each Monday morning!

Mom Spot

The Mom Spot will feature posts geared towards our mama’s who are working to grow great leaders! To grow great leaders, we need to become great leaders. This means we keep ourselves healthy and balanced while also continuing to grow towards a deeper sense of character, wisdom and self-awareness. I can’t wait to see how we learn and grow together through Mom Spot posts. Look here for ideas to rejuvenate yourself as a mom and woman! Posts will be published twice per month.

Dad Cave

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the HUGE role that dads play in the development of our kids. The Dad Cave will include posts and resources specifically geared towards dads. I will be looking for guest contributors, and you can expect to hear from my husband now and then. I will aim to publish a new Dad Cave post at least once per month.

Kids of Influence

There are some remarkable kids in our country and world. Not all are as well-known as the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, who is a Pakistani activist for female education, but many are deserving of recognition for going above and beyond in demonstrating their selflessness, character, and emerging leadership qualities. At age 18 months, my sweet girl said to me “Did you build that?”, referring to a block tower. When I replied “yes”, she responded with “Good job!”. It is important as a mom for me to acknowledge her encouragement as a behavior worth repeating. That is what I am hoping to feature here: kids doing things that are worth repeating.  Let’s give more attention to kids doing good than those who doing harm. This does not mean giving kids trophies for merely showing up, but acknowledging the real “above and beyond” words and actions that kids are using to influence their world and the people in it for good. I hope to feature at least one Kid of Influence per month.

Guest and Other Posts

There will also be guest posts over time and of course, MomsOfInfluence.com will inevitably evolve as I receive feedback from you and learn how to offer more effective content. Which brings me to the point that I greatly value your feedback. If you have constructive feedback or ideas to make this website more valuable to readers, please let me know! You can contact me by email, or by heading over to the contact page and completing the contact form. Thank you in advance for helping to make this site an awesome resource for fellow Moms (and Dads) of Influence!

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